Hummingbird Project, The (Drama) [Movie/Review]


Year: 2018
Genre: Drama
Source: Streaming

In this modern epic, Kim Nguyen exposes the ruthless edge of our increasingly digital world. Cousins from New York, Vincent (Jesse Eisenberg) and Anton (Alexander Skarsgård) are players in the high-stakes game of High-Frequency Trading, where winning is measured in milliseconds. Their dream? To build a straight fiber-optic cable line between Kansas and New Jersey, making them millions. But nothing is straightforward for this flawed pair. Anton is the brains, Vincent is the hustler, and together they push each other and everyone around them to the breaking point with their quixotic adventure. Constantly breathing down their necks is their old boss Eva Torres (Salma Hayek), a powerful, intoxicating and manipulative trader who will stop at nothing to come between them and beat them at their own game.

I only checked this one out since Jesse Eisenberg is one of my favourite nowdays actor, and I have been on a ”Eisenberg kick” the last couple of days. Then it also happened to have other favourites of mine, Alexander Skarsgård (as a bald man😂), Michael Mando and my old moviestar crush Salma Hayek.

I was sure this was based on a true story, why would you otherwise make a movie with a storyline like this? Digging, coding, tech and making more money to the already rich at Wall Street … could it sound more boring? And I was right, if it where not for Jesse, Alexander and Michael, it would crash and burn and I would have given it about 3-4/10.

As much as I came here for Jesse, Alexander stole the show. His ”middle age bald white man hip hop dance” when he solved a problem is amazing! 🤣

Although I found the movie okey, I fells like a one time watch and I don’t think I will buy this on blu-ray. I think!?!?

The awesome Skarsgård “dance” and chase clip here, down below.!

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