The New Kids (Action) [Movie/Review]


Year: 1985
Genre: Action
Source: Blu-Ray (Mill Creek Entertainment)

Following the deaths of the their parents, brother and sister Loren (Shannon Presby) and Abby (Lori Loughlin) move to a small Florida town to live with their aunt and uncle. When Abby attracts the unwanted attention of local teen hood Eddie Dutra (James Spader), she and Loren must fight for their lives against the dangerous punk.

Directed by ”Friday the 13th” director Sean S. Cunningham and the best performances come from the wonderful Lori Loughlin (Amityville 3-D) from Queens, New York and a young James Spader, creepy as always. Eddie Jones (RIP) as the uncle also makes a good performance, and he also delivers the classic line ”Soon enough we’re gonna be farting through silk” 🤣 … when he thinks the cash will start to roll in.

This movie I had totally missed, so it was a first time watch after hearing about it on the Just the discs podcast. It’s a lovely little movie, and since I’m a sucker for revenge films, or taking down the bully movies this one fits me like a glove. It’s all set in a small town in Florida and of course one of the bad guys is named Joebob. I love that setting, so when things start to escalate it feels even more dangerous.

Highly recommend this if you love 1980’s movies like me, great, although slightly repetitive, but not so much so I lose interest.

I watched the Mill Creek blu-ray that has a really nice picture quality and good sound. No extras whatsoever, except for subtitles.


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