Secta Siniestra (Horror) [Movie/Reviews]


Year: 1982
Genre: Horror
Source: Blu-Ray (Vinegar Syndrome)

After being found in bed with another woman, Frederick, a retired mercenary, is blinded by his deranged and spiteful wife, who is then confined to an asylum. Deciding to start a new life and family with his mistress, Helen, but finding that he is unable to successfully impregnate her, Frederick consults with a fertility doctor who agrees to assist in helping them conceive a baby. But unknown to the happy couple, a member of a Satanic sect decides that Helen will be the perfect mother for the Antichrist and intervenes!

A first time watch for me, and I fell in love immediately. This is exactly what I love, a director who tries to make a serious horror movie and fails miserably 😂.

Some of you might know that I love Spanish movies and the Spanish language. When you then add overacting hysterical women, a blind man getting attacked by obvious stuffed animal bats, not bloodred blood, people hiding in plain sight and they don’t see them, footage of forest fires to show Satans child is about to be born, a Satanic doll (baby) that catch on fire when the man holding it sees a cross out in the forest… then what’s not to like? Spice that up with some nudity, and we get it all. The only things that’s on the minus side is that it is a bit slow-paced in the second act.

Filmed in and around Barcelona, Spain and premiered on the 22th of November 1982. Ignacio F. Iquino has 87 credits as a director, so now I have to find his other movies. But I guess that will not be easy to get in English friendly versions. One of them is called Inclinacion Sexual al Desnudo, and with the following plot : Beachtown summer sexcapades of a lesbian couple that shoots porn, their transsexual porn director who falls for a man and her female assistant who has the hots for her.” What could possibly be bad? 😂

I wish Vinegar Syndrome and labels like they would find and release more horror from non English countries. But since the US seems to have a problem with (reading) subtitles I doubt it.

This blu-ray is newly restored in 2k from its original 35mm camera negative.

• Region Free Blu-ray/DVD combo
• Newly scanned & restored in 2k from its 35mm original camera negative
• Audio commentary with film historian and author Kat Ellinger
• Promotional stills gallery
• Reversible cover artwork
• Original Spanish language soundtrack
• Newly translated English subtitles

Swedish buyers who doesn’t want to import the movie from the US can buy it at discshop.


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