Depeche Mode ”101” (Synth-Pop) [Music/Review]

9/10 (both the documentary and vinyl)

Year: 1989
Genre: Synth-Pop
Label: Mute Records

This is proberly one of my all-time favourite concert video/documentary and also my favourite live album. I just love them both.

Here we have the 1980’s in all its glory, big hairs, thick layers of make-up, smoking inside the grocery store and so on.

Directed by DA Pennebaker (R.I.P) We get to follow both the band and 10 fans who won a dance contest and get to go by bus throughout the US till they arrive in California. There they have their last concert (101th) on the tour, ”Music for the Masses” on 18 June 1988 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

The whole documentary is awesome, with some highlight such as when Alan Wilder shows the keyboards, the screaming girl in ”Blasphemous Rumors” and the live version of ”Everything Counts” always gives me chills. ”Stripped” and ”Black Celebration” I could listen to on repeat all dat.

With the risk of getting death threats from hardcore Depeche Mode fans, I must confess something … I’m not a fan of singer Dave Gahan dancing on stage. Don’t get me wrong, he’s one of my all-time favourite singers, but just his dancing looks like a parody or something out of a 1980’s comedy when they have some cliche gay club dancers. Maybe it’s supposed to be sexy, but in that case it goes right above my head, There, I said it! 😂

I watched this on the 2 DVD set that contains both the documentary and the concert at the Pasadena Rose Bowl, June 18, 1988. Also exclusive interviews with Dave Gahan • Andy Fletcher • Martin Gore • Daniel Miller • Jonathan Kessler and interviews with the fans (where are they now). The album I have on vinyl (of course)

Read the awesome article from Vice MAGAZINE about the youths traveling across the US following the band. Just press the Vice logo.

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