Double Team (Action) [Movie/Review]


Year: 1997
Genre: Action
Source: Blu-Ray (Mill Creek)

Jack Quinn, Yaz, and Stavros don’t belong to any army and they don’t play by any rules. This action-espionage thriller ignites in the cloak and dagger world of international spies, covert agents and high-tech terrorists.

So why a 7/10? This one has a generic storyline, bad one-liners … or bad delivery of them. And there is something about action movies from this time period that makes them look ”cheap”, like made for TV. Maybe it was shot on video with for that time new digital technique?

But despite all that I really enjoy this one, more or less non-stop action, and goofy things like instead of a parachute when dropping out of an airplane they use some kind of ball. Cutting with laser under water (which is impossible). Knife between an assailant’s toe switch foot between shots…I can go on forever 😂. It also seems like they rented an expensive tiger, so they put him in scenes as often aspossible 😂.

Van Damne has always been alongside Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan my favourites when it comes to fighting style, and since we have a lot of fighting scenes I was in Van Damne heaven. We also get Mickey Rourke (pre-f**ked up face) as the villain in good form. A recommend!

I watched the cheap Mill Creek edition, and it has good picture and sound quality but is as barebones as possible. Not even a trailer comes as extra.

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