School Shootings Are the Result of “Removing God” from Public Life

Senator Ted Cruz went fully mental in a debate when he got a question about school shootings: ”… It is horrific, and let me say, as the father of two daughters, there is something deeply wrong that we have these shootings. There are a lot of things behind it that have nothing to do with government. They have things to do with… things like removing God from the public square. Like losing the moral foundation of much of our society. Like losing the binds of community and family…”

Holy f**k, talk about not taking responsibility for the political decisions (or lack of) and spitting the victims families in their faces.

If this was the case, then here in Sweden we would probaly be out of students by now. We are the least religious country in the world, where 82% said religion was not important according to a poll. If we then look at the global peace index, Sweden is the 18th most peaceful country in the world, US has place 128! … I rest my case.