Hysteria Continues (Slasher Movies) [Podcast/Review]


Topic: Slasher Movies/Horror
Started: About 8 years, 188 episodes to this date.
Length: Usually around 90 minutes.
Links: Twitter, Facebook, Apple Podcasts

Fantastic podcast about slasher movies, and mainly from the 1980’s. Informative and funny. They have four hosts that each episode has a roundtable about their take on the movie one of them have chose for the episode. Sometimes they even have a special guest.

All the four hosts, Justin, Eric, Joseph and Nathan are all equally good, and when one of them are not in an episode, he surely is missed. They all have distinct personalities and after a few episodes, it feels like they are your friends.

They start out each episode with going through what they have seen since the last time, and I really enjoy this part and have gotten several tips on what to look up. Then they go through the movie of the episode, often with spoilers so be alert. I find it better to see the movie before listening to the episode. Then they present all background information about the movie that they have found. At least they have a pretty lengthy part where they read what listeners thought about the movie, I guess this is so the listener feels more included but personally I don’t care what a random listener thinks about the movies. This part is the only reason why I didn’t give the podcast 10/10. They used to have a quiz, and they where awesome since Eric is such a bad loser (check out episode 153, Don’t open till christmas) 😂

The regular podcast is free, and you find it where you find your podcasts. If you can’t get enough (like me) of the guys you can also become a patreon member and there you get bonus episodes.

The whole crew also makes commentary tracks to DVD/Blu-Ray editions for some labels such as Arrow Video and Vineagar Syndrome

The podcast is a continuation of the website Hysteria Lives and the host Justin Kerswells book Teenage Wasteland.

… and just so you know, the battle between Siouxsie and the Banshees and Toya are real and messy 😂

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