Humongous (Horror) [Movie/Review]


Year: 1982
Genre: Horror
Source: Blu-Ray (Scorpion Releasing)

The monstrous offspring of a violent crime grows up in seclusion on a remote island, where a boat-full of hapless teens have shipwrecked, unaware of what’s lurking in the woods.

The film starts out in 1946, with a women’s dramatic slow running out in the forest, before she gets raped. Cut to nowadays, a group of young adults is out on their boat in the fog and gets stranded after the testosterone filled brother makes another stupid decision. One after one they start to disappear.

Apart from the early slow running in the forest, we also get a joke of a fight between the brothers, skeleton wrestling, people on fire that doesn’t try to run out of the fire but instead ”dance” around in it.

Shot on different locations in Ontario, Canada. It has an okay storyline, but way too much time when nothing happens and too much shot in the dark. Never seen this on VHS, but I can imagine it being more or less unreachable there. Very few blood scenes and more or less no nudity, apart from a topless scene early on.

Scorpion Releasings blu-ray is great, jam packed with extras:

*The Film (R-rated American)

*The Film (Unrated Canadian version)

Audio Commentary by director Paul Lynch, writer William Gray, and film historian Nathaniel Thompson, moderated by Katarina Leigh Waters (Unrated version only)

Interview with actor David Wallace (21:37)

Katrina’s Nightmare Theater, Playback Option with intro (3:49) and post-script (1:09)

Theatrical Trailer (1:12)

Please notice that the trailer down below has nothing to do with the picture quality of Scorpion Releasings blu-ray.

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