The Treatment of Veterans, Where’s the Outrage?

I have never understood this, even as a kid. Whether you think the wars in itself are justified or not, how come there’s not a bigger outrage about all the veterans that have fought for the U.S in war, then gets treated like garbage when they get home? People are furious when a football player kneels during the national anthem, but not over that their own military/government just toss out former soldiers with P.S.T on to the streets with nowhere to go, and without any help to get back into society. 22 Veterans commit suicide every day, yes you read it right 22 EACH DAY!

The Veterans Community Project like the one down below in the video is an amazing thing, but they rely on donations. One of these houses cost $15,000. Why are this not being payed for by the military? If they can pay roughly $1.5 million for A single medium to long-range subsonic Tomahawk cruise missile or $115,000 each for a 50kg air-to-ground Hellfire rocket.

The Army suffered 52% of the suicides from all branches. In 2013, the VA released a study that covered suicides from 1999 to 2010, which showed that roughly 22 veterans were dying by suicide per day, or one every 65 minutes.


  • 30 percent of active duty and reserve military personnel deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan have a mental health condition requiring treatment – approximately 730,000 men and women, with many experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and major depression.
  • Less than 50 percent of returning veterans in need receive any mental health treatment.
  • The Veterans Administration reports that approximately 22 veterans die by suicide every day.
  • Lengths of deployments are associated with more emotional difficulties among military children and more mental health problems among U.S. Army wives.

Statistics from the National Council.

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