Witchboard (Horror) [Movie/Review]


Year: 1986
Genre: Horror
Source: Blu-Ray (Scream Factory)

At a party, a guest brings out a Ouija board, and they attempt to contact a spirit he knows. The spirit does appear, but it becomes apparent to the one who brought the Ouija board that this is an evil spirit that is impersonating his spirit, and despite warnings not to use the board alone, a woman uses it alone, and becomes harassed by the evil spirit, his goal to possess her so he can walk the earth again.

When the movie start, we get some awesome creepy Goblin-esque intro music and then the opening scene with Linda (Tawny Kitaen) and Brandon (Stephen Sinclair) at a party ”playing” with a quijaboard and their awesome f**ked up 1980’s haircuts sets the mode and you know you’re in for a treat 😁

I love this movie despite the bad acting (jeeeeez, the so-called medium is a joke), dead people in the water grabbing on to people, a possessed woman clearly pretending to be thrown around in the room, a student and a construction worket living in more or a less a mansion, a talky demon that gives up when threaten by a gun. Although I’m not sure if I would if this was my first time watch. I watched it today for proberly my seventh or eigth time.

80s horror are known for the nudity, but you get more or less nothing in this one apart from a short escape-from-the-shower scene.

Scream Factory’s blu-ray edition is just beautiful, superb picture, a little low audiomix but the sound is clear. Visit them by clicking their logo below.

Scream Factory blu-ray/DVD bonus features:

  • Audio commentary with Writer/Director Kevin Tenney and actors Stephen Nichols, James W. Quinn, and Kathleen Wilhoite
  • Interviews with cast and crew including writer/director Kevin Tenny, actors Tawny Kitaen, J.P. Luebsen, James Quinn
  • Audio Commentary With Writer/Director Kevin Tenney, Executive Producer Walter Josten And Producer Jeff Geoffray
  • The Making of WITCHBOARD
  • Still Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailer

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