You Call Yourself a DJ?

God damn I’m tired of all those clowns who only pulls a crossfader from left to right and/or only use spotify/mp3’s and then calls themselfves a DJ. That’s something even a monkey can do.


Non Serviam Main Channel
This is the channel where I put up things directly related to the blog and if/when I make a video by myself. You find it here!

Defenders of Pop/Rock
Here is a playlist channel with alot of different playlists when it comes to Pop, Rock, Prog, Goth Rock, Shoegaze, Synthpop, Exotica and alot more. You find it here!

Defenders of Electronic Music
In this one you find everything releated to electronic dance music such as Techno, Acid, Drum’n Bass, House, Breakbeat and so on. You find it here!

Defenders of Hip Hop
Everything Hip Hop, Soul, RnB, Jazz, Blues in this one. You find it here!

Defenders of Metal/Punk
Yes, you guess it right. Here we have playlist for Metal and Punk. This one is still in the works and dosen´t really look how I want it to look. You find it here!

Defenders of Cult Cinema
In this one you find alot of trailers, some movies and documentaries. This one is also a work in progress. You find it here!