Kill Point, The (2007) [TV/Action Drama]

A group of military veterans, who recently returned home from serving in Iraq, band together to pull off a major bank heist.


Year: 2007
Genre: Action/Drama TV Show
Source: DVD

An 8-part TV show of a bank robbery gone wrong and turned into a hostage situation instead.

The opening bank robbery/hostage scene has to be one of the best filmed, it really feels real and it’s awesome. This is on a personal level, but I don’t get people playing heroes to protect a banks money. Why? Would they protect you if you lost your job and came behind on your payments? And also, they are insured.

Donnie Wahlberg is stable as always. John Leguizamo is one of the lead hostage taker, he seems to me to be an underrated actor, you never hear talk about him. To me, he’s really good and a selling point for any movie/TV show. Loved his speech at the end of episode one. We have at least four actors that were in HBO’s masterpiece show ”The Wire”, Michael Kenneth Williams, Leo Fitzpatrick, J.D Williams and Michael Hyatt (who seems to have been in every TV show ever made.)

If you want a really good bank robber/hostage show go with Netflix ”La Casa De Papel” instead.

Please note MILD SPOILER coming up under the next photo.

MILD SPOILER: What I don’t really like about a hostage show like this is that whatever the police do or the hostage do to the bank robbers they never retaliate. It feels like when the police shoot one of their men, they should have shoot one in the hostage, but noooooo … properly to strong for the TV audience. If it wasn’t for this I would have given the show 1 or 2 points more, but then the amateurish way that the super ”well trained” soldiers behave in the end, again takes away 1 point.

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