Malice (Thriller) [Movie/Review]


Year: 1993
Genre: Thriller
Source: Blu-Ray (Kino Lorber Classics)

Harold Becker (The Onion Field) directed this bold, riveting and deviously entertaining thriller starring Alec Baldwin (Glengarry Glen Ross), Nicole Kidman (Eyes Wide Shut) and Bill Pullman (Lost Highway). An easy-going college deans quiet New England world has just been terribly disrupted, two coeds have been raped, a third has been killed, and the police are beginning to suspect him. At home, bills are piling up, his wife is developing severe stomach cramps and the new tenant – a devilishly handsome surgeon – is regularly “entertaining” nurses late into the night. Little does Andy know that all of these events are related… and that he’s about to be blindsided by something more daring and deadly than anything he could have ever imagined! Boasting an excellent supporting cast that includes George C. Scott (Bank Shot), Anne Bancroft (The Graduate), Gwyneth Paltrow (Se7en), Bebe Neuwirth (TV’s Cheers), Peter Gallagher (Late For Dinner), Josef Sommer (Witness) and Tobin Bell (The Saw Franchise), this spine-tingling thriller was beautifully shot by the great Gordon Willis (The Godfather Trilogy).

This is exactly how I want my thriller, Suspensful, you have no idea who the bad guy is, all people that could be the ”bad guy” seems likeable to start with. We kind of have two different storylines and a couple of twists, what’s not to like?

Beautiful shoot on different locations in Massachusetts, New England, US. Nicole Kidman, Bill Pullman &. Alec Baldwin all makes great performances, we also see Gwyneth Paltrow flashes by as a student, here just over 20 years old.

The only thing with a movie like this is that you can’t forget the ending, even if you haven’t seen the movie in 20 years you might have forgotten everything else except the ending. Is that good or bad?

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