More Than Meets the Eye!

So here we have a perfect example of a headline that makes people gasping for air and wonder if the christian far right groups have finally totally lost their minds. But, one of today’s fast paced social media “sickness” is that people only read the headlines and not the entire article before they comment. I put this up in a Facebook group and immediately the comments came in. One after the other hating on the women and her craziness. Only one person asked if anyone actually read the whole article.

If you take the time to read it, you see that yes, she has turned in this bill but not for the ”crazy” reason, but to show how strange, wrong and to speak the truth, fucked up it is for a group of older men passing on laws how and what women should be allowed to their own bodies. Personally I think it’s a brilliant way to put the topic in the spotlight.

Read the whole article here