The Mystery of Coral Castle

Built by the Latvia immigrant Ed Leedskalnin, the Coral Castle (Got that name after his death) is a modern day mystery. Here we have giant coral stones, moved and shaped by a small tiny man in some way to make this awesome structures.

He had a chaotic living in Latvia where he was a true anarchist and part of the revolution to overthrow the russian tsar. He had several assault on the police and a alleged murder under his belt. He then moved for a brief period to the UK and after that came to the US. In the US he worked in the forest industry among other things, and maybe there picked up som skills useful for his upcoming project.

In 1923, Leedskalnin started to create Rock Gate Park (later renamed Coral Castle) on a small piece of land that he had purchased in Florida City. With no modern tools or large equipment and seemingly only hand tools he moved, cut, sculpted and constructed nearly 1,100 tons of coral. He spent almost 30 years constructing the castle, which he eventually finished in 1951, the same year of his death.

Leedskalnin claimed that he understood the laws of weight and leverage well, and told a neighbour he now knew who the egyptian pyramids where built. He always worked under the cover of night, when nobody could watch him. Two teens claimed to witness the construction one night, telling police that the rocks had been levitating in mid-air “like hydrogen balloons.” Having come from a family of Latvian stonemasons, Leedskalnin was a freemason, and he incorporated many masonic symbols throughout the Coral Castle. Many believe that occult masonic practices offer the only explanation for how the Coral Castle’s creation. Others theories about him moving the stones with soundwaves, and if that would be the case coral stones would be the one material to use. There are also information that said he had meet with Nikola Tesla in New York in the early 1910´s and maybe there learnt about the magnetic fields of the earth (which today is called pseudoscience) and it’s magnetic lines which Coral castle was built close to. However it was built it’s still a mystery since a man under 100 pound (45 kg) couldn’t have lift all this giant blocks by by himself. Only the 9 ton gate that moves with a light touch is impressive.

You can visit the Coral Castle today. It’s located in the remote region of Homestead, Florida, and it’s definitely on my dream vacation list. You’ll see a Polaris telescope, rocking chairs, a two-story castle tower (where he lived himself), an accurate sundial, an obelisk, a well and fountain, and various furniture pieces and they’re all made from coral stone.

Want to dig deeper into this topic?
Listen to the episode about the Coral Castle on the podcast Astonishing Legends in your favourite podcast player or here!

Read the great (but short) book called “Coral Castle: The Mystery of Ed Leedskalnin and his American Stonehenge” by Rusty McClure and Jack Heffron. You can order it here!

Visit the official Coral castle website here!

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