The Visitor (Sci-Fi/Horror) [Movie/Review]


Year: 1979

Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror

Source: Blu-Ray (Arrow Video)

So when it comes to batshit crazy movies, this one is right on top! No one knows what it’s really about. But it’s awesome!

If you ever wanted to find a movie about evil vs good that containes electronic bird attacks, ice skating mayhem, shaved monk kids and alien spaceships you got it here.

Lance Henrikson is great as always, Joanne Nail as the mother and John Huston also do good.

Here in Sweden it was re-titled Satans Little Girl and I think that would have been a better title, but with the 1980’s satanic panic in the states it would proberly have drawn the wrong attention to it.

Arrow’s blu-ray edition is just gorgeus, with a prestine picture and great audio. Not that much of extramaterial though, a couple of interviews and a trailer.

More movie review here!

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